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Human resources development
- It is wonderful that in-house skill competition invigorates workplace.
- I could learn about the thinking and efforts to treat employees as assets of company.
- AVEX has a corporate culture in which every employee can grow.
- I was attracted by the concept, "the more employees grow, the more company grows."
- AVEX sets reasonable growth target for each employee.

Improvement of production site
- The whole company raises the sense of improvement by holding presentation meeting for in-house improvement activities in which on-site engineers and other employees participate.
- I will try to introduce initiatives to make employees aware of "improvement" positively in my company.
Equipment maintenance
- I found that the fact that on-site engineers improve and maintain equipment by themselves signifies high-level awareness of maintenance.
- Employees care equipment as part of their bodies through "ten-minute wiping" by which they clean equipment daily in the morning and evening.
Quality control
All employees share information by operating quality control board and 4M change management board to reduce defects.
AVEX implements 5S control so that the whole factory is organized.
- AVEX thoroughly implements visualization of basic management. (Including minor details)

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