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Factory study tours
*Please refrain from taking photos or videos inside the plants.
*Please bring your own translator if needed.
*It may not be possible to observe operation of machines depending on the timing of the visit.
*The course or order of the plant tour is subject to change depending on the timing of the visit.
*Please inform us in case the number of visitors changes after making your reservation.
 (A change on site may not be accepted.)
*Please submit a name list of all visitors, including the tour leader and the translator.
*Please avoid high-heels and boots when visiting the plants.

*Apply on the Internet, using the application form attached below.

*The information (PDF) will be sent to your e-mail address.

*Basic Tour: maximum 29 persons (including tour leaders and translators)
※30 persons and more are to be divided into two groups to visit the plant, therefore a 25% additional fee and two translators are required.

<Open Days>
*Monday-Friday(including national holidays)
 (Closed on weekends, year-end, Golden Week, and summer vacation)

<Application Deadline>
*First-time visitors:2 months in advance
 (First-time visitors are requested to have a briefing prior to the plant tour *in Japanese language)
*Second-time and more frequent visitors:one month in advance
Inquiry requirements
RequiredInquiry requirements
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Factory study tour reservation
Plant Tado factory 3503-30 Shimonoshiro Jidani, Tado-cho, Kuwana-shi, Mie-ken
Desired date and time Year  Month  Day
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Inquiry details
Fill your inquiry contents or any other requests you may have in the following space.