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Certified as Small and Medium Enterprise with IT Management Certified as a company which promotes the success of women
Aichi Prefecture started to certify "Aichi Quality Company" in FY 2003 to raise the profile of its manufacturing industry both domestically and internationally, which is locally called as "manufacturing kingdom", and establish the brand-image of Aichi's manufacturing worldwide. Aichi qualified 49 companies in FY 2008. AVEX will continue working hard in its business activities and live up to the certification of "Aichi Quality Company".
AVEX was awarded "Enterprise certified with IT Management". 429 companies applied for this award across the nation and we were awarded after the rigorous assessment by the review committee. We will continue working hard to live up to this award.
AVEX was certified as a "Company which promotes the success of women" by the city of Nagoya because we obtained a certain level of score for our efforts to allow women actively participate in our business. We continue working hard as a model manufacturing company in which not only men but also women can work comfortably.
300 Dynamic Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Small and Medium Enterprises Certified as a
AVEX was certified as one of the "300 Dynamic Monodzukuri (Manufacturing) Small and Medium Enterprises" in 2006.
Based on the public information gathered, these 300 companies, mainly from the companies that operate across the nation with their uniquely high technology in the field of molding, forging/casting, plating, etc., were selected by the following institutions: Regional Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry all over the country, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd., and Japan Finance Corporation for Small and Medium Enterprise.
AVEX will continue working hard to live up to the qualification as one of the "300 Dynamic Monodzukuri (Manufacturing) Small and Medium Enterprises".
We are certified as a "Family Friendly Company" by Aichi Prefecture because we have various systems that enable employees to keep working while raising children or caring for aging parents, and to have a work-life balance.
We will implement various activities to become an "Excellent company to continue working" in the Japanese society with rising rates of double-income families.
A total of eight employees have taken maternity leave/childcare leave in AVEX.Male employees also took childcare leaves.