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AVEX characters

Two Ninjas with sharp eyes on precision parts production who support automotive parts manufacturing behind the scenes
Besuke is quiet and a typical Japanese boy.
However, with his sharp vision, he perceives things more sharply than anyone else.
He starts troubleshooting as soon as problems occur on site and spreads "seeds of awareness" to AVEX employees for solutions.
Ofuji is very tidy,
She carries out initiatives for keeping the production site tidy so that any trouble can be found right away.
She throws shurikens at employees who ignore troubles.
"Spirit of consideration"
This spirit originates from the consideration to others and the employees' passion to value teamwork.
"Spirit of awareness"
This spirit originates from employees' passion to think and act on their own.
She finds problems instantly and always thinks about the next things to do.
Special ability
Cutting professional
He can cut small parts into any desired shapes and size with precision.
Only thing he cannot cut off......is his secret love for Ofuji.
Special ability
Grinding professional
She grinds her shuriken every day. She also grinds Besuke's sword.
Shurikens may come flying if the employees neglect 2S at workplace!?